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                Alleged to be the longest slot canyon in the world, the deep and winding Buckskin Gulch intrigues all who enter it. The narrows section of it extends more than 15 miles, where the space between each wall often shrinks to less than 10 feet. Like all slot canyons in the South Western United States, the crack in the Earth called Buckskin was carved from the sandstone by flash floods.
                From the darkness of the canyon floor, peering up the steep walls all around you... you'll find log and debris jams from previous floods, and curious plants growing out of the canyon. Take a look into the past, as we come across Pictographs from long lost tribes of Native American Indians.
                This piece of Mother Nature's artwork millions of years in the making is sure to captivate you with cool breezes on hot summer days, strange colors, and unparalleled scenery.  


Availability: AWSA Tours can take groups of up to 10 people. We are in no hurry to escape back to society from this wonderful location: so we'll go at your pace, do what you would like, and showcase to you our favorite photo opportunities.
Overnight camping is not available in this area.
The Drive: 50 miles paved highway- taking approximately 1 hour. We will drive this stretch in the Suburban. Then +21 miles unpaved - taking approximately 1.5 hours, we will drive this stretch in the Can-Am. The tour takes a total 4-5 hours of driving, and the drive is one of the great elements of the adventure. We'll pick up some coffee together, and set out down Highway 89A on a winding, scenic journey through the Kaibab National Forest. The views change dramatically on the drop out of the forest and down into Marble Canyon- a moment sure to take your breath away.
Hike Distance: 4-6 miles
Hike Difficulty: Moderate- uneven rocks and small sections of sand. The hike typically takes between 2 and 5 hours: depending on your group's pace, comfort, and safety. We exercise caution during the summer months, and during rain storms. This hike requires around 1 gallon of water per person in the summer.
Permits: Walk-in permits are available for next-day hikes and are limited to 6 in a group. Apply for online permits by clicking here or pick them up in person. Kanab BLM Visitor Center: 745 E. Highway 89, Kanab, Utah. (435) 644-1300