Gary Kalpakoff, Tour Guide

Gary Kalpakoff is a photographer. His photographic education started in the late 1960's attending night classes at the local high school in Los Angeles, and continued on to the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. After his graduation in 1971, he opened a commercial photography studio with a partner in Santa Barbara which became quite successful. To get to the next plateau of the commercial business, the logical move was to go back to Los Angeles. He wasn't interested in that, though. His partner bought him out of the Studio, and he moved to Alton, Utah- quite a change! The scenic horizons of Utah made it easy to never look back. Gary's photography has been displayed in the following galleries: -Braithwaite Gallery in Cedar City, Utah

-Flannigan’s Inn in Springdale, Utah

-The Sun Gallery in Kanab, Utah

-Zion Canyon Gallery in Springdale, Utah

-Dave Pettit Gallery In Springdale, Utah

-The Rafters Gallery in Kanab, Utah

-The Alchemy Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah

-Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah

He is currently showing at the Raven’s Heart Gallery in Kanab, Utah: which he owns.

His photography interests are Horses, Wildlife, and Landscapes. These fields of photography require a lot of patience, persistence, and of course: luck. Gary's incredible skill and hospitality are invaluable to the mission of American West Scenic Adventures. We want to thank him especially for letting us display many of his photos throughout our site. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN VIEWING MORE OF GARY'S PHOTOS OR PURCHASING PRINTS- VISIT HIS ONLINE GALLERY: