Amazing, beautiful, perfect day

We toured White Pocket with our adult family (five of us) after AWSA had been recommended to us. Jeff, the owner, met us at 7:30am, briefing us on the day, safety, and explaining to us what the day would look like. Our tour guide, Gary took over from there. The drive is long, beautiful, and I would imagine arduous if you were driving. Gary kept focused on the road, while providing us with lots of information about the region and the flora and fauna, taking us through some rough, sandy terrain for around 2.5 hours. A wealth of information, the entire group learned so much just from the drive. White Pocket is as beautiful, bizarre and spectacular as you can imagine. Gary continued to guide us through the formations, and through his favorite spots, and we stopped for lunch with an indescribable view over what seemed like the entire state. We continued on with some more hiking, followed by a beautiful drive through more spectacular scenery on the way home. Gary kept us informed throughout, and made bathroom stops several times. All in all, the tour took us to several of the most spectacular places I have ever seen (it reminded me of Petra, Jordan). It's a full day, and it's hot in parts, but the vehicle, the driver, the fruit and water and food supplies, and a very informed, kind, and knowledgeable guide made it fly by. Bring sunscreen, and appropriate, light clothing, good shoes, and an open mind that's ready to be blown. If you're considering a tour (and to do this trip, unless you have an appropriate vehicle with plenty of patience, it's the only way to do it), our entire group would highly recommend AWSA Tours. Their focus on giving us such a memorable experience was noticeable and appreciated. Don't miss it. -nyjoe4