Jeff Welker, Tour Guide

Jeff Welker is a native to Utah, having grown up in Salt Lake City and Park City. He has always enjoyed the peace and beauty of Mother Nature. An Eagle Scout, he began exploring the wilderness of Southern Utah with his Boy Scout Troop in the late 70s. He now guides many of those same areas he first visited in youth. His love for the outdoors is insatiable - hiking, boating, mountain biking, snow and water skiing, dirt biking, Jeeping, Harley riding, and desert racing. He has called the "Grand Circle" his home since 1994, and resides in a house he purchased near the Lake Powell National Recreation Area. Jeff worked for the National Park Service until 2005, when he became a Marine Surveyor and founded a Surveying business that keeps him busy to the day. He has worked with the Marlboro Adventure Team on large events with clients from all around the world. In 2002, he was hired to be 1 of 9 supervisors for the Harley Davidson 100th anniversary "Open Road Tour", touring countries like Japan, Australia, Spain, Germany, and Canada; along with plenty of travel throughout North America. The Open Road Tour provided a thrilling opportunity for him to explore the culture and history of each country, and he finds that same thrill in guiding tours for people from all over the world. Jeff's rich history, stories, great personality, and fun sense of humor make him well equipped to host adventures into the scenic American West. He's always smiling and learning from clients. With over 20 years in the industry, Jeff knows how to ensure that a tour experience feels safe and relaxed. He finds the reward of this job is ending a day knowing that clients experienced an unforgettable adventure in the beauty of nature: having, of course... Created Memories.